Medical Advisor





Medical Advisor is a web application studied on the referring sector and it aimed to:

  • Have a complete evaluation of the agencies and of the sanitary expertise available;
  • Bottom – up evaluation of job and assistantship performances on the single subject (structure/doctor/healthcare staff);
  • Its own advertising and promotion;
  • Quality job enhancement and not performing structures penalization;
  • Clear and meritocratic evaluation system, able to reward the expertise and the best structures;
  • Facilitate the meeting between job demand and offer.

Medical Advisor previews the creation of vertical gateway having the following features:

  • Respect of the accessibility norms and usage WAI/W3C;
  • Clear and simple language;
  • User – friendly feature that allows user to easily find whatever he is looking for, minimizing the risk of confusion and the difficulty in surfing the net.
  • According to the norms included in the Tired Low (L.4/2009);
  • Responsive, which means adaptable to the main modern devices (smartphone, tablet, pc, TV).
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