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The Telemedicine’s evolution


COPERNICO is inspired by the Polish astronomer Niccolò Copernico, who, with his heliocentric theory, has transformed the world’s conception, showing that at the centre of the planets’ orbit there is not the Earth, but the Sun. Our device is also going to transform the medicine’s world, moving the helpful axis from the hospital to your private home.

For these reasons we have chosen “CONNECT YOUR HEALTH”, considering a system that constantly controls a huge number of patients, wherever they are.


“The technological innovation could contribute to reorganize the health care, supporting the movement of the health care axis from the hospital to the territory. This movement can be realized thanks to an innovative helpful models focused on the citizen and to an easier access of the services on the national territory.” (Ministry of the Health TELEMEDICINE: national guide lines)

In accordance with the general guide lines of the Ministry of the Health, the COXNICO’s revolution will change the doctor – patient’s relationship, as we have known it until now.

The innovative idea is to extend over a wide area the possibility of a domestic tele – controlling thanks to our owing technology, solving in a preventive way those problems that usually need a hospital placement service.

The helpful axis switch: this is our revolution. Using COXNICO, we can give to all the people affected by chronic disease the possibility to significantly improve the quality of life and, consequently, to produce an important economic advantage for the National Health System (SSN), in terms of restricting costs.


COPERNICO LAB is linked to all the medical devices already available in the patients’ home, so they, according to their habits, can carry out the auto – check and the data collection. Thanks to its user – friendly feature ( it works automatically, so it does not request any technology knowledge) and its portability, depending on the included battery,, COPERNICO LAB follows the patient whenever and wherever he goes to. Data, continually monitored, are sent, through a transmission system, to a central server, that is receptive everywhere and is able to fight the Digital Divide.

From here,the information flows are available on the web site COPERNICO SYSTEM This platform allows the Sanitary Agency (ASL), the general doctor and the relative/care giver to read and control data.


through the monitoring method, allows to deal with the collected severities in real time. Alerts can be personalized by the doctor and they are available in different modes (sms, e – mail).

It is an efficient and effective system, able to monitor the patient’s conditions and health with any stumbling block, in a very clear way, without disturbing the everyday life of the people, sending continuous information about health conditions and cases of urgency.


It s a self – directed, adaptable mini – device, able to follow you everywhere.

It is linked with all the medical devices, ensuring a constant flow of health data directed to the COPERNICO SYSTEM software. The flow can be realized thanks to an interface of transmission data that is also able to operate in a low connection condition. It is very easy – to – use, friendly to all the different kind of users, also to those who, for anagrafic reasons, have a poor technology ability.


The web – based platform is the interface by which the medical staff controls patients. By this tool,available everywhere, patient is continually monitored and the doctor can analyse in real time the measurement trend and, in case of needs, he can take prompt action.

This kind of system ensures a constant assistance that avoid changing the everyday lives of the users. They are continually monitored by a health system that turns around them, getting them out of personally going to hospitals and clinics.

The web site is available to different figures, that have different roles and activities and will be able to check the sanitary measurements:

  • Doctor. He has total access to his patient’s files and he can read the personal and the sanitary data.
  • Administrator. He has total access to COPERNICO SYSTEM and he plays the role of web site director: he adds new doctors and patients, he allocates the patients to the competent doctors (each patient can be linked to more than one doctor, a base doctor and a specialist). The administrator can read all the graphics and all the measurements of each patient.
    • Profile: it includes the patient’s personal information and his clinical status.
    • Measurements: it includes the measurements collected by COPERNICO in terms of graphics and table.
    • Alerts: in this section the doctor sets the alert levels on each patient, and the modality to receive them (sms/e – mail). Furthermore, inside this section, there is an historic list of the alerts received by the patient.
    • Messaging. This section, seems like a chat, allows the doctor to send and receive messages by his patient, starting a real time communication with them.
  • Patient. He can check his own measurements and can start a direct communication with the doctor through the Messaging.
  • Patient’s relative/ Care Giver. He can read their relative’s measurements and alerts, monitoring the overall situation and taking action in case of need.


The operative central, always ready (7 days on 7, 24 hours a day, 365 day a year), is directed by specialised staff, that play a central role in providing telemedical services. The operative central, in fact, acts in a contemporary way with medical figures and it is a connection point between doctor and patient, solving all the problem revealed.

The operative central includes two key figures:

Call center

  • Monitors and elaborates in real time the data received by the patient;
  • Alerts the patient in case of need and for problems revealed by the measurements.
  • Communicates to the doctor the alerts revealed and controls that the sanitary staff keep contact with the patient.
  • Helps the patient to carry out the measurements, supporting him in case of problems.

Technical support

  • Delivers the devices and trains the users to use the COPERNICO Lab device.
  • Trains the sanitary staff to a correct use of COPERNICO Lab and of the COPERNICO System platform.
  • Supports patients in technical problems of the device.
  • Supports medical staff in the everyday job’s operations.

The Operative Central service is provided in outsourcing with specialised staff able to direct all the work process. This system allows to obtain the maximum in professionalism and quality of service, restricting the economic costs of the user, who will pay just the fee under the contract, with no other costs for new assumptions.


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