Automatic transmission of patients' medical parameters from public locations 


is a device studied in order to provide assistance healthcare first services to moving patients, in locations where there is not enough medical staff, like as: remote areas, pharmacies and private clinics. The device is able to connect itself to different medical devices by a digital output, managing an indefinite number of users.

Medi-CliniQ™can be set like an independent unit or forms, depending on customer’s specific requests. Thanks to the smart card reader or to the handmade code insertion, it ensures the maximum safety to the user. The examination phases are easy to understand and they are shown on the screen, providing, to patients, step by step indications about the modality to execute the analysis; after receiving data, Medi-CliniQ™ sends them automatically to the receiving centre by regular phone lines or by Internet, in order to allow the medical staff to make an immediate analysis.




Application and getting data: —– Functions: —- Advantages:
+ Blood pressure monitoring; + Easy to set device; + Easy-to-use;
+ Weight monitoring;  + Smart card reader + Indefinite number of users of the same place;
+ Blood glucose monitoring;  + Guide lines to screen, easy to understand;  + Quick access and easy first healthcare assistance;
+ SPO2 monitoring;  + Option: Additional teleconference unit.  + Anxiety reduction.
+ Breathing flow peaks monitoring;
Open source for additional application.



Efficiency in terms of costs: —- Users:  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ask for information. Contact our consulent
+ Providing healthcare assistance costs reduction; + Distant areas residents;
+ Transport costs reduction; + Pharmacies;
+ Unnecessary first aid travels reduction. + Elderlies assistance centres;
+ National Healthcare Service centre;
+ Remote areas;
+ Private clinics;
+ Gyms