Med Referral allows to manage the wait lists and the patients’ access process to the specialised examination, thanks to a web application created ad hoc.

Med Referral aimed to improve the suitability of the patient’s access to the specialised examination, through a prior detailed analysis of features and diseases, which will bring to the choice of the best solution both for the patient and the sanitary structure.


Med Referral System is a web application, which is a dedicated web site, available to all the sanitary staff, in particular to the doctor, who will execute the work activity.

The web site is easy-to-use and very quick: the affected doctor/sanitary staff  has just to register and insert the personal and clinic data of the patient who wants to refer the specialised examination or other treatments.

These operations can be quickly conducted (just 10 minutes) and the request will arrive in real time to the selected centre and it will be examined in a maximum of 72 hours, giving back one of this four feeds:

  1. Immediate examination visit;
  2. Not immediate examination visit;
  3. Before fixing visit, complete clinic documents.
  4. Unnecessary definitive visit or consider in future through a co-direction between doctor and specialised centre.



Med referral aimed to improve the suitability of the patient’s access to the specialised examination and, at the same time, it provides a range of advantages both for the users and for the SSN.

  • Reducing the wait list for visits;
  • Lowering the cases of missed or delayed reference to eligible patients;
  • Making patients’ reference easier and faster;
  • Reducing costs for SSN, since it minimize visits’ quantity and useless clinic examinations.


The Med Referral utilization ensures the doctor/sanitary staff to directly interact with specialised doctors, even after the first examination, and, furthermore, it ensures the reachability of the communications in order to satisfy the medical examiner’s protection aim.

This model, that is already working in the United States, Australia and some countries of the European Community, is suitable for all the specialised medicine context and for the SSN.


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